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We will make patients comfortable by being welcoming and providing high quality of service. We deliver the best dental care we can by embracing the latest dental techniques and technologies.

DVD Glasses
We have DVD I-glasses which enable you to watch DVDs whilst receiving treatment. This is relaxing and makes you feel you have spent less time in the dental chair.

Micro-air abrasion
We are introducing Micro-air abrasion. This technique allows us to remove small decays/stains from teeth without even touching them in less time than by using a drill and also without the need to administer an anaesthetic!

Micro-air abrasion works by blowing a stream of powerful dry clean air, mixed with particles of aluminum oxide onto the surface of the teeth. Air abrasion uses the kinetic energy principle, in which particles bounce off the tooth and blasts the decay away.

Air abrasion procedures are virtually painless eliminating the need for an anesthetic injection. This technique is quiet and does not produce any vibration or heat. Because air abrasion cuts tooth surfaces with great precision, it removes less tooth material than the drill and it reduces the risk of enamel micro fracturing, preserving more of your tooth.

Digital Photography
We can also show you examples of before and after treatments we have already carried out on our existing patients.

Instrument Sterilisation
We use the latest generation of autoclaves and Department of Health Guidelines to minimise the risk of cross-infection in our practice. Patient safety is our primary concern.